“This time I’m definitely gonna nail it.”, I declared to Katherine as I entered my locker combination. I didn’t know why, but everything appeared to be going on quite nice today, at least for me. The science teacher didn’t show up so I didn’t have to worry about not doing my assignment which she gave a week ago. I also didn’t have to go to the gym class because Mr. Schwartz called in sick today. And the lunch lady had finally changed the menu. So, yeah, it pretty much turned out to be an awesome start.

“Yeah, I hope so too.”, Katherine said as I closed my locker after taking out my book on American History. There was something in her tone that didn’t feel right. It seemed as though she wasn’t so sure of what she was saying.

“What happened to you?”, I asked as we entered the corridor to the social studies classroom. “Don’t you think I would be able to perform well?”

“It’s not that.”, she replied reluctantly, “You always do your best. I have always seen you work so hard to be on the top. But…”


“But, you—”

Katherine was stopped mid-sentence by Jordan who accidentally bumped into her causing her to stumble on the floor.

“Hey!”, I shouted and Jordan looked back. He mouthed the word ‘sorry’ before turning ahead and running towards the large crowd which was assembled in front of the notice board.

“A little help here, please!”, Katherine yelled diverting my attention away from the crowd.

“Do you know what’s going on there?”, I asked as I helped her up.

“I am fine, thank you.”, she said with a tight smile. “And I don’t know why that crowd has gathered there. But I do have an idea: Why don’t we ask one of the people standing there?”

“Yeah, thanks for your idea.”, I said and dragged her with me towards the crowd.

“Hey, Jordan.”, I called out as I saw my Biology lab partner appear from within the sea of students.

“Hi Janet, and sorry for that little accident.”, he added winking at my best friend.

“That’s alright.”, I replied and Katherine mumbled something which sounded like ‘Easy for you to say’. “So, what’s going on here?”

“This?”, he said pointing towards the crowd. “It’s rubbish, you know. These idiots think that they will ever have a chance.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know about the inter-school competition that Ms. Newton told about yesterday?”, he asked and I nodded, my stomach slowly dropping with every passing second.

“Well, she told us that the all the teachers will question each and every student and then decide who is more fit to represent the school. I don’t know whether I was daydreaming or what because no one ever called to question me! Did they call you?”

I shook my head and Jordan snorted.

“See? I knew I wasn’t daydreaming. I practically asked the whole school and everyone gave the same reaction you just gave me.”

“So”, I started suddenly finding my voice hoarse, “Who have they selected?”

“Who do you think?”

“Sylvia Morton?”, I asked hesitantly and he nodded.

“And your brother, Steve Anderson.”, Jordan added.

Something in me broke at that moment. Whether it was the fact that someone else again took my spot or my own brother took it, I wasn’t sure. I knew it was just a stupid competition but still it mattered to me more than my life. That’s what happens when you crave for things. They break you inside out.

“Janet?”, Katherine said gently placing her hand on my shoulder, “Are you alright?”

“Yeah.”, I said nodding vigorously, “Let’s go.”

“You know how people are, don’t you?”, my best friend tried to console me as we headed towards the social studies classroom. “They can be biased. You don’t have to upset yourself because of their biased nature.”

“Thanks for the condolences, but I am completely fine.”, I said taking a vacant seat. “And anyway this isn’t the first time I have faced this. I am sure one day I will get what I want.”

“Of course you will!”, Katherine exclaimed happily taking the seat behind me. “One day we will show them!”

I smiled at her unsure of whether I was lying to her or myself. Or both of us.

Note: I thought of writing a story. This is the first chapter. I will post more chapters if you all like it. Don’t forget to comment on it.


They are shreds of the past,

And are never supposed to last.

Still every night I wander between them,

Closing my eyes and cherishing them.

Hoping above hope to stay,

Yet knowing in there I’m never supposed to lay.

They are the moments for which I could roll back the clock.

They are the moments for which my words are lost.

Yet when I’m alone at night,

They sneek out of my eyes blurring my sight.

Those tears contain a thousand memories.

Each different from the other.

Each beautiful yet painful.

They make me smile.

They make me cry.

They warm my heart,

Yet tear me apart.

In the end, the tears dry; the smiles fade.

But those precious memories are there,

Never leaving my side.

And fading into an everlasting eternity.

I wrote this a few months back and now I have finally shared with you all. The last line was suggested by my sister.

Stuck with Impossible Beings

The Utter Case of Dementia

It’s funny how people watch all those comedy sitcoms when their own life is nothing but a comical tragedy. At least, mine is. Being the youngest one in the family, you get to know about all the hilarious incidents that occurred even before you were born. It really just takes a small gathering at the dinner table, a few glances at the boring news reporters in front of you before someone finally gets fed up by the silence and brings up the evergreen comic tales of your generation. ‘You remember, one day…….’ These tales are everlasting, you know. The more you listen to them, the funnier they become every time.
Clearly, dementia runs in my family. Whether it be my dear Dad, my sweet Mom, or my ‘happy-go-lucky’ elder sister, it is IN THEIR BLOOD! Not meaning to brag and all, but I am the only one who is ‘dementia-fre
e’ right now. 

The Case of the Lost Sister- Okay, I think it was during the month of November that it was finally confirmed that my sister has a goldfish memory. I was watching TV when my sister suddenly brought up this incident that happened when she was in her fifth grade and I was in first. My sister and I studied in the same school until she graduated last year. That day after the school got over, my sister was waiting for me to come so that we can make our way towards the van together, as instructed by mother. I’m sure many mothers have also told their elder daughters to always be with the younger one.Why do all mothers think that the younger ones  need a body guard with them twenty-four hour seven? I know they mean well and all, but younger ones can take care of themselves, can’t we? But, then again, I was six at that time. So, really could I? Anyway, back to the topic: Minutes passed and my sister, along with her best friend, kept waiting for me in front of our school church, but I didn’t come. My sister practically searched the whole school for only God knows how many times before the sense of fear finally settled over her heart. But I’m pretty sure she was more afraid of facing my parents than of the fact that I was actually lost. Should I tell them Muskaan is lost? Or should I tell them she was kidnapped or something? The excuse, that’s always the biggest problem.
“Simran, can I ask you something?”, my sister’s best friend asked suddenly.
“Did she even come to school today?”
And then my sister laughed. Like a maniac.
“Has she gone insane?”, my sister’s best friend thought. “Has the trauma of not being able to find her sister gotten to her head?
“Oh”, my sister said trying to stifle her laugh, “I forgot she took leave today.”
See? Even her friend knows about her forgetting problem. That’s why she asked her if I had come to school that day. But, then again, I don’t think she should have asked. Who likes to know that she spent half an hour of her life trying to find a lost person who was never really lost?

If you think that my sister’s forgetting habits are worse then be prepared. The worst is yet to come.

The Planned Trip- So, here, my dear Dad’s role comes into play. My parents had planned to go to the temple a few years back, on Sunday. Well, you won’t believe what happened! My father started his scooter and drove forgetting completely about my mother who was screaming after him! Half way to the temple, he realized that he had left my mother standing in front of the house. He had to drive back to the house and face the wrath of my mother. After a bit taunts and a lot more laughs, they were finally able to reach their destination.

Even though I wasn’t there to witness these events, I laughed my head off when I came to know about them. Your life may be full of difficulties, but that’s when you realize the importance of these small cherished laughs. That’s when you remember them and smile again. So, don’t ever forget to laugh and have a good day everyone!
I hope you all like it and feel free to share your own funny incidents with me.